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GTK Timek Group products are used in a wide range of industrial fields: high precision, reliability and quality are essential components for various production machines.

In 2015, GTK Timek Group Ltd. was awarded with the prestigious "Prix SVC Svizzera Italiana" for its entrepreneurial skills and for its remarkable investments in research and development.


GTK Timek Group offers highly innovative solutions with patented thermal rollers, blower turning bars, and magnetic rollers for:

  • Traditional printing machines
  • Digital printing machines
  • Flexographic printing machines
  • Printing machines for fabrics
  • Graphic arts machines
  • Printing sector
  • Digital printing sector
  • Graphic arts sector
  • Settore stampa
  • Settore stampa
  • Settore stampa


GTK Timek Group offers certified innovative compounds for the food and medical industry as for:

  • Medical packaging production machines
  • Food packaging production machines
  • Industrial packaging production machines
  • Packaging

  • Settore imballaggi
  • Settore imballaggi
  • Settore imballaggi


GTK Timek Group offers innovative, high-quality coatings with high mechanical and chemical resistance as for:

  • Textile processing machines
  • Paper processing machines
  • Plastic film production machines
  • Manufacturing sector

  • Settore manufactoring
  • Settore manufactoring
  • Settore manufactoring

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