Rollers, coatings, assemblies and molds: the mechanical industry in its most complete form

The most important requirement at GTK Timek Group is a high-precision mentality.

Thanks to an engineering team with over 30 years of experience in the field and numerous collaborations with university institutes, GTK Timek Group stands out from the competition for identifying and proposing unique, individual solutions and for its ability to analyze feasibility and to select the most suitable raw materials and coatings.

These factors have led to patents for several highly technological and innovative flagship products.

Patented rollers: thermal rollers with and without suction function

Small or large thermal rollers in which the temperature difference between the two ends of the roller remains stable and constant. The result can be obtained thanks to an internal spiral realized by one or more principles and by evaluation by engineers who, after analyzing the specifications and using CFD (computational fluid dynamics) software, calculate the most suitable spiral. Therefore, GTK Timek Group can offer a technologically innovative product in which the heat exchange between the cooling fluid, the table and the film is optimized according to specific customer requirements, and in which the thermal efficiency is greater than that obtained by its competitors.

  • Rulli brevettati
  • Rulli brevettati
  • Rulli brevettati
  • Rulli brevettati
  • Rulli brevettati
  • Rulli brevettati
  • Rulli brevettati
  • Rulli brevettati

Patented turning bar

Turning bars for non-contact handling of laminate or film substrates, such as paper, leather, textiles, plastics or metals. The absence of contact with the support surfaces avoids any contamination, any inertia, preserves the original quality of the surface, and generates low air consumption and flow regulation on the table. The bars can also be shaped to reverse the direction of the supports (reversal bars).

  • Barre soffianti 1
  • Barre soffianti 2
  • Barre soffianti

Magnetic rollers

Magnetic rollers of different diameters and lengths, with high performance mechanical characteristics and with ferrite or neodymium magnets. The particular procedure used for the construction of the magnetic rollers allows to intensify or reduce the density of magnets installable on the external surface with extreme ease, guarantees calibration of the force of attraction necessary for the application, with an advantageous reduction in weight and to satisfy the specific requests of the customers.

  • Rulli magnetici 1
  • Rulli magnetici 2b

Rollers with polyurethane coatings

GTK Timek Group has modern production machinery and is able to build a wide variety of polyurethane rollers, with any degree of hardness, fully satisfying any specific requirements for antistatic, abrasion resistance, or specific mechanical properties or color. GTK Timek Group creates finished mold polyurethane rollers at very high precision, without further machining, allowing the finished product to be economical and qualitatively superior. It has plants and FDA certified polymers for the food and medical industry. The accuracy of our molds allows to accomplish any idea in polyurethane, may it be small or large.

  • Rulli poliuretano 1
  • Rulli poliuretano 2
  • Rulli poliuretano 3
  • Rulli poliuretano 4
  • Rulli poliuretano 5
  • Rulli poliuretano 6
  • Rulli poliuretano 7
  • Rulli poliuretano 8

Rollers with rubber coatings

Wide range of rubber products for any kind of coating required, even for medical or food applications. There are many hostile factors that the rollers must be able to resist: acids, bases, solvents, heat, chemical reagents and UV rays. For any need, we offer a wide choice of commercial elastomers, based on the application conditions, the precision of execution and the desired lifetime.

  • Rulli gomma 1
  • Rulli gomma 2
  • Rulli gomma 3
  • Rulli gomma 4
  • Rulli gomma 5
  • Rulli gomma 6
  • Rulli gomma 7

Rollers with silicone coatings

Silicone is a unique material. It allows the rollers to work at high or low temperature without losing its elasticity. GTK Timek Group has selected and developed the most suitable silicones for every need. We are able to recommend the best solution, with anti-adhesive and anti-static properties or made with reinforced compounds that combine the typical qualities of silicone with those of the most tenacious elastomers. GTK Timek Group has FDA certified compounds for the food and medical industry.

  • Rulli silicone 4
  • Rulli silicone 1
  • Rulli silicone 2
  • Rulli silicone 3
  • Rulli silicone 5

Rollers with foam coatings

Foam coatings are available in a variety of materials (EPDM, silicone, ester or ether based polyurethane, open or closed cell). Our technicians propose the most suitable material based on the roller’s expected application, its operating temperature, the relative humidity of the environment in which it will operate and the required mechanical and chemical characteristics. Additionally, with our Chemical Department and our partners, we are able to develop and/or modify the compounds in order to optimize the behavior of the foam material used.

  • Rulli espanso 1
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  • Rulli espanso 3
  • Rulli espanso 4
  • Rulli espanso 5
  • Rulli espanso 6
  • Rulli espanso 7

Rollers with special or exclusive surfaces

Our experience and know-how allow us to produce rollers and components coated with special and exclusive surfaces: non-stick, non-adhesive, or abrasion-resistant, for the most diverse fields of application.

  • Rulli superfici esclusive 3
  • Rulli superfici esclusive 2
  • Rulli superfici esclusive 1
  • Rulli superfici esclusive 4
  • Rulli superfici esclusive 5
  • Rulli superfici esclusive 6
  • Rulli superfici esclusive 7
  • Rulli superfici esclusive 8
  • Rulli superfici esclusive 9

Composite rollers

Carbon fiber rollers with high mechanical characteristics and lightness, for all applications where the weight and inertia of the roller must remain within design limits. Carbon fiber rollers can be coated further with materials that increase their tractive force (rubber, polyurethane, etc.) or surface hardness.

  • Rulli composito 2
  • Rulli composito 3
  • Rulli composito 5
  • Rulli silicone 4

Precision Mechanics

GTK Timek Group is equipped with a fleet of state-of-the-art machines for the processing metals and plastics, which allows the production of both high-precision micro rolls and large rolls. Technologically advanced plants, fully automated and including in-line controls, allow to perform large series of pieces at competitive prices.

  • Meccanica precisione 5
  • Meccanica precisione 1
  • Meccanica precisione 2
  • Meccanica precisione 3
  • Meccanica precisione 4
  • Meccanica precisione 6
  • Meccanica precisione 7
  • Meccanica precisione 8
  • Meccanica precisione 9
  • Meccanica precisione 10
  • Meccanica precisione 11
  • Meccanica precisione 12
  • Meccanica precisione 13
  • Meccanica precisione 14


GTK Timek Group assembles its products with the precision necessary to ensure the required tolerances through fully automated robotic areas assembly processes, standard assemblies such as structural bonding, interference fit assemblies and automated TIG/MIG/LASER welding.

  • Assemblaggi 1
  • Assemblaggi 3
  • Assemblaggi 2
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